Festivities and traditions on Ibiza and Formentera

The joy and essence of a rural world

The Pityuses preserve their traditional essence, which is made apparent during the patron saint festivities that are sprinkled throughout the local calendar. The ancestral island dance, the ball pagès (payés dance) is performed, where women wear their traditional dress and the emprendades, hugely valuable gold necklaces, earrings and buttons, which used to be the dowry with which they would seduce their suitors. 

The dances are performed in front of the beautiful white churches, along to music played on instruments such as drums, flutes and huge castanets. These are popular celebrations where the local wine and sweets such as typical doughnuts and orelletes can be savoured.

Some of the festivities not to be missed are Santa Eulària des Riu, with a parade of decorated carriages; Sant Antoni de Portmany, when local pets are blessed and there is a parade of Moors and Christians; and the Sant Francesc de Formentera celebrations.

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Events Anar a maig (Santa Eulària des Riu, ibiza)

Tradition and colour commemorating the miracle of the Vella church


Events Fiestas de Sant Jaume en Sant Francesc (Formentera, formentera)

The most anticipated festivity on Formentera!


Church Sant Miquel de Balansat (Sant Joan de Labritja, ibiza)

A place of worship behind thick defensive walls


Church Santa Eulària, Puig de Missa (Santa Eulària des Riu, ibiza)

On the mountain, defensive and in a special location: that is Puig de Missa


Church Sant Francesc Xavier (Formentera, formentera)

The house of God with doors of iron


Local product Orelletes, Flaó i Greixonera (Eivissa, ibiza)

The representative, delicious sweet pastry of the Pitiusas Islands