Monuments and places of interest in the Balearic Islands

Visit the most emblematic tourist attractions on the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Spain. The islands have heavenly beaches and coves, a warm climate all year round, a varied gastronomic offer, charming cities and several sites with a surprising cultural heritage. Majorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza have been for centuries a coveted enclave for different civilizations, and all have left a heritage legacy that tells the story of each island. The archaeological sites, old and cobbled streets, fortifications, monuments and architectural jewels invite you to get lose yourself and discover the islands. In this article, which takes less than 5 minutes to read, you will find practical information on some of the most interesting visits and the most significant monuments on the Balearic Islands.



- Son Fornés: This is an archaeological site from which you cannot miss its 2 Talayots, one of them is one of the largest on Majorca. How to get there

- Santuario LLuc: a monument declared historical-artistic site in the heart of the Tramontana mountain range. Of all the complex, the 17th century church and the botanical garden stand out. How to get there

Catedral La SeuIt is a must-see of the island, as it is its most emblematic monument. We recommend that you stop for a few minutes in front of the Mirador portal, which is highly valued in Gothic art. How to get there.
Catedral La Seu de Mallorca


- Taula i Talaiot de Trepucó archaeological sitethe remains of this prehistoric settlement show that it was one of the largest on Menorca. Undoubtedly, its great central Talayot will leave you speechless. How to get there

- Naveta Es Tudonsin addition to visiting a monument exclusive to Menorca, you'll go to the extreme. Its beauty and good state of conservation make it the most visited prehistoric monument on the island. How to get there

- Town of Talatí de Daltthis archaeological site, in addition to its talayots, will surprise you with the central T that rests in the town's sanctuary. How to get there

Yacimiento arqueológico Talaiot Talatí de Dalt en Menorca


- Sant Francesc Xavier Church: it is the first church built after the repopulation of the island, which was uninhabited for more than 100 years. How to get there

- Torre Cap de Barbaria (Torre Garroveret): after visiting the Cap de Barbaria lighthouse, we recommend you take a walk to this defensive tower, which stands out for its good conservation. How to get there

- Faro La Molathis lighthouse is located on a 158-metre cliff that offers unique views. Don't miss the light reflections projected by its tower. How to get there

Atardecer en Faro La Mola en Formentera


- Sant Llorenç de Balàfia ChurchThis church is a faithful example of Ibiza architecture and the ceramic tiles that adorn its walls stand out. How to get there

- Sant Bernart Bastion: this type of fortified construction is part of the Dalt Vila complex and deserves to be visited for the great restoration and conservation work that has been carried out there. How to get there

- Historical complex ‘Dalt Vila’: This walled complex, located in the historic centre of Ibiza, protected the most important buildings of the 16th century. You'll love strolling through the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. How to get there

Yacimiento arqueológico Dalt Vila en Ibiza

To know more


Cathedral La Seu - Catedral de Mallorca (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

The jewel in the crown of Palma


Archaeological Site Taula i Talaiot de Trepucó (Maó, menorca)

The "prehistoric capital" of the eastern side of the island


Historical complex Dalt Vila (Eivissa, ibiza)

Dalt Vila is in the heart of town, housing the most representative buildings of political, religious and commercial power


Venue La Llotja (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

Commercial building, in Majorcan Gothic style


Venue Palau Reial de l'Almudaina (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

A palace with a long history


Lighthouse Cap de Barbaria (Formentera, formentera)

The moderner of the two impressive lighthouses on Formentera


Lighthouse La Mola (Formentera, formentera)

A place to take measure of the world, as Jules Verne said


Castle Bellver (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

A unique Gothic castle


Venue Banys àrabs (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

11th century baths in the centre of Palma


Church Sant Francesc Xavier (Formentera, formentera)

The house of God with doors of iron


Talaiot Talatí de Dalt (Maó, menorca)

An archaeological site that conserves intact the monumental central "T"


Archaeological Site Taula i Talaiot de Trepucó (Maó, menorca)

The "prehistoric capital" of the eastern side of the island


Archaeological Site Ciutat romana de Pol·lèntia (Alcudia, mallorca)

Outstanding Roman archaeological site, one of the most important on Majorca


Tower Canyamel (Capdepera, mallorca)

One of the best-known defence towers on Majorca thanks to its age, its good state of repair and its magnificent views


Sanctuary Lluc (Escorca, mallorca)

The first Marian sanctuary of the Balearic Islands, from the 13th century


Archaeological Site Poblat de la Torre d'en Galmés (Alaior, menorca)

One of the finest examples of talayotic villages on Minorca and the second-largest in size


Nature park S´Albufera de Mallorca (Muro, mallorca)

A wetland of high ecological value


Nature park Albufera des Grau (Maó, menorca)

The complete immersion in the nature of Menorca


natürliche Landschaft Sierra de Tramuntana (Andratx, mallorca)

A wonder of nature


Necrópolis Cala Morell (Ciutadella, menorca)

One of the prettiest necropolises of Minorca on the north coast


Aisle Es Tudons (Ciutadella, menorca)

The most emblematic funerary monument from the prehistory of Minorca


Natural Monument Torrent de Pareis (Escorca, mallorca)

A spectacular and movie-like place


Church Sant Llorenç de Balàfia (Sant Joan de Labritja, ibiza)

An example of simple religious architecture of Ibiza


Public estate Raixa (Bunyola, mallorca)

One of the most emblematic places in Majorca