Visit the caves of the Balearic Islands, a trip into the interior of the earth!

Come and admire the wonderful work of nature

The Balearic Islands have several underground caves distributed between Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Continue reading for more information.

The Balearic Islands are famous for their light and the Mediterranean sun flooding them every day; but there are also places on these islands to which the light of the sun does never get.  These are the caves; the Temples of Silence constructed by the, containing stalactites, stalagmites and impressive columns as a result of the two natural processes. Would you like to know them?

Let's start on Mallorca. Porto Cristo offers two great, wonderful caves, which can be visited: the cuevas del Drach and the cuevas del Hams. The cuevas del Drach cave stretches over 1,200 meters in length with a depth of 25 meters and contains one of the world´s largest underground lakes, Lake Martel, which can be toured by boat. On this lake, a music group will give you a 10-minute performance of classical music. The cave is perfectly equipped, sufficiently lit and a worthwhile destination for a visit with the family. The cave is open all year round and is closed only on December, 25 and January 1.

The cuevas del Hams cave is also beautiful and surprising. A guide takes you to such magical places as the Samson columns, the Llanuras de Fra Mauro, the Foso del Infierno or the Sea of Venice. The guided tours take place four times every day; the schedules are dependent on the season. 

More caves that can be visited are those of Artà, in the island´s North-East of, the one in Campanet in the Northon the Southern slopes of Puig de Sant Miquel and the one of Génova, in Palma. All offer enough incentives for us to recommend you a visit, both with the partner, the family or with friends.

In Ibiza the Cova de Can Marçà has to be mentioned at the cliffs of Port de Sant Miquel or Port Balansat, in the north of the island. The tour takes about 35 minutes. The entrance hall, the temple of Buddha, the waterfall or the lake of desires are some of its secrets.

On Menorca, the Cova des Coloms is a "cathedral" of 24 meters height, which will impress you. It is located in the Binigaus Gorge, in the municipality of Migjorn. From the beach it is an easy trip of just 30 minutes. 

We would like to remind you that a visit to the case has a special reward: temperatures are constant between 20 and 22º C. So a visit is pleasant in every season.

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