Tastes of Formentera

Try its delicious wines and liqueurs

The ideal accompaniment to your visit to Formentera. A glass of the delicious, locally-produced wine or the traditional thyme-flavoured herbal liqueur, Frígola, will whet your appetite for the island.

Formentera’s 80 hectares of vineyards produce wines of excellent quality. If you’re lucky, you might have the privilege of tasting the homemade vi pagès made by some households. If not, don’t worry, because you can visit the island’s two wineries, both offering guided tours and wine-tasting, where you can find out about the meticulous and fascinating process of winemaking.

Wines from Formentera are highly appreciated internationally since, unlike in most European countries, the majority of the island’s vines have ungrafted rootstocks. This is because the phylloxera blight that ravaged Europe in the 19th century did not reach the vineyards of Formentera, largely thanks to its geographical isolation.

Why not round off your trip with the flavour of Formentera in the shape of its superb wines and herbal liqueurs? And take it home to share with your loved ones and raise a glass to a swift return to Formentera!

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