Algaida celebrates the Feast of Saint James in style!

The Feast of the patron saint of Algaida is celebrated every year with an extensive and entertaining programme of events

At the end of July the Feast of Saint James (San Jaime) is celebrated in Algaida. Activities, music and traditions come together for both residents and visitors to celebrate this hugely popular event.

The height of summer on Mallorca is the time for colour and music to permeate the streets of Algaida as it celebrates the famous festival of its patron, Saint James. The Feast of Saint James takes place during the second half of July, and there are a whole host of events of all kinds to suit all tastes: theatre, religious events, entertainment for younger audiences, sports, local crafts market, fireworks and popular and vibrant parties in the town square. On the afternoon of the 24th and the morning of the 25th you will also be able to take in one of the most emblematic sights of the town, the traditional dance of the Cossiers.

The dance of the Cossiers is the oldest folk dance of Mallorca, well documented since the fourteenth century, which has been kept alive in the municipalities of Algaida and Montuïri, and has been revived in others, such as Manacor, Alaró, Pollença and Palma.

Cossiers are three pairs of men and a lady dressed in white, with a brightly coloured skirt and a belt from which ribbons and bits of mirror hang. In each hand they carry a handkerchief and a bunch of basil, which they use for their dances. They are accompanied by a devil, who tries to sabotage the ceremony by every means possible and is the humorous element of the celebration. The lady is the counterpoint of the devil because she represents good and she directs the movements of the Cossiers. The dance is accompanied by melodies played on traditional instruments: flabiols, xeremies and tambourines.

In Algaida you can also see and enjoy the Cossiers on another significant date: 16 January, the Feast of San Honorato (Saint Honoratus).

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