Oil from Mallorca

The liquid treasure of the Serra de Tramuntana

Centuries-old olive trees planted on terraces, mild temperatures and olives of the empeltre, arbequina and picual variants produce oil of excellent quality that preserves the taste and flavors of the Mediterranean.

Mild in taste and of excellent quality, the oil of Mallorca comes from centuries-old olive trees that still stand in the mountains of the Serra de la Tramuntana. The trees have traditionally been planted on stone terraces and are a popular motif of the most common photographed views of the Sierra. The Mallorcan oil is named from the empeltre (or mallorquina), arbequina and picual variants. If we add the climate of the island, the result is mild and sweetish oil without a trace of bitterness or string seasoning.

The excellent quality of the oil from Mallorca was already known to the Romans. In the 13th century the oil was already exported, and the cultivation of olive trees was extended to the whole mountain range in the 16th century, and many farms had their own oil mill. The reputation of Mallorcan oil was so good that it was used as a means of payment for almost 300 years. By the end of the nineteenth century, the oil represented almost 80% of the island's exports. As it could not be otherwise, the Mallorcan oil attracted the attention of Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria-Tuscany, and in his book Die Balearen, the Archduke recommended the oil for the preparation of the traditional pa amb oli (bread with oil).

A good way to discover the olive tree landscapes or to experience firsthand how this extraordinary oil is made is to go on one of the routes in the Serra de Tramuntana in Orient, Sóller or Biniaraix or visit one of the oil mills that keep this tradition alive.

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