Fall in love with the rural Mallorca on the bike

Bike tours to explore the true landscapes of the island

Explore the charm of the greenest and most rural of Menorca on its bike trails. Many use the old country roads of the island´s interior, which are the perfect trails for the mountain bike. 

You will cross through a unique mosaic of forests and environmental protection areas, and you will discover long, mortar less stone walls, llocs (the traditional farmhouses) cereal mills.... 

You will also discover the beauty of villages such as Es Mercadal, with its white cottages at the foot of Monte Toro Mountain, Ferreries, Alaior.... Thousand and one corners, inviting you to rest and admire the natural environment of the island which is a biosphere reserve.

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Archaeological Site Taula i Talaiot de Trepucó (Maó, menorca)

The "prehistoric capital" of the eastern side of the island


Archaeological Site Poblat de la Torre d'en Galmés (Alaior, menorca)

One of the finest examples of talayotic villages on Minorca and the second-largest in size


Archaeological Site Torralba d'en Salort (Alaior, menorca)

The village with the best-conserved taula on Minorca


Aisle Es Tudons (Ciutadella, menorca)

The most emblematic funerary monument from the prehistory of Minorca


Necrópolis Cala Morell (Ciutadella, menorca)

One of the prettiest necropolises of Minorca on the north coast


Talaiot Talatí de Dalt (Maó, menorca)

An archaeological site that conserves intact the monumental central "T"


Talaiot Torre Trencada (Ciutadella, menorca)

The only taula that is still standing in the city of Ciutadella


Events Vuelta Cicloturista Internacional Menorca (Maó, menorca)

Discover Menorca on your bike