The historic center of Mahón

A place bathed by the light of the Mediterranean

Mahón will surprise you with its ancient history; the village was born on a rocky outcrop overlooking the harbor. Here you can observe the remains of the medieval walls and beautiful houses with English-style interiors, which stand on the cliffs overlooking the harbor. 

During a walk through the streets of the historic center, you can discover the rich Spanish, French and English heritage that permeates the entire city with the different architectural styles. A whole sea of culture awaits you.

You can admire the majestic Santa Maria Cathedral; it contains a monumental organ in its interior. Also worth a visit is the Teatro Principal, built in 1829, which continues to feature marvelous performances, the Carmen Church, the largest temple in the city, and next to it, the cloister, which houses a market of local products. 

On Isabel II Street, most of the mansions of Mahón are located. And the Can 'Oliver Palace, which is now an art center.

You will discover unique places bathed by the light of the Mediterranean, as well as shops where you can enjoy the best dishes of the local cuisine.

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