Ibiza, a handmade tradition

Ibiza hides an unknown and unique world that can be accessed by getting to know its craftsmanship closely.

Beyond its coves and its dreamy sunsets, Ibiza is a place where the mere fact of walking becomes an experience. A city that offers surprises at every step and tells its story through its physiognomy, its neighbours and a local craftsmanship that is much more than a handmade tradition.

Dalt Vila and its magic secrets

Dalt VilaDalt Vila

The old quarters of Ibiza conceal culture, history and unique corners where you can discover authentic local crafts.

Beyond its walls and its narrow streets, Dalt Vila is the perfect setting for learning about the traditions of Ibiza. From postcard corners to unique panoramas from heights through museums with centuries of history and authentic local craft stalls.

Few places in the world gather as much of a place’s essence of a place as Dalt Vila does. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with the charm of living protected from those imposing walls that were extracted from the beautiful quarry known as Atlantis, this district of the capital of Ibiza is a place for one to discover the remotest history of the island: one that rubbed shoulders with the Romans and the Arabs.

Composed of narrow, labyrinthine streets that take the visitor to unique spots with incredible panoramas, Dalt Vila presents itself to the world with the Passage of Simó Pouet and the ever-lively Plaça de Vila. A part of the old town where you can enjoy lovely terraces and have a coffee with a view of the sea and where you can visit the most beautiful and authentic art galleries and workshops.

In addition to wandering through every corner and breathing the aroma of the flowers hanging from each balcony, you can discover the quintessence of Dalt Vila, visit such highlights as the Ibiza Town Hall (located in the heart of a former Dominican convent), the Santa María Cathedral or the Sant Bernat and Sant Jaume bastions.

Port of Ibiza, the mirror of the Mediterranean

Port d'EivissaPort d'Eivissa

Of all the points that make up Ibiza, its port is that which gathers that pure Mediterranean essence that gives the island its character.

Ibiza is a seafaring city and represents the Mediterranean Sea in its pure state. An essence that goes beyond the white facades of its typical houses and that reaches its zenith with each sail of those sailboats anchoring in its marina. A spacious port full of magic and with abundant light and peace.  

Experts say that few places in the world create as much impact on a first contact as the port of Ibiza. Created by the Carthaginians in 650 BC, this port of awe-inspiring beauty is a place where thousands of boats dock and in which one can enjoy the innate calm that has made Ibiza something more than a national tourist reference.

With more than a thousand moorings and various sports docks, the port of Ibiza is a pure maritime tradition and an exceptional corner to enjoy all those virtues the island gives its visitors: gastronomy, fashion, culture and maritime history.

There is a more pleasurable experience than enjoying a hundred-per-cent Ibiza sunset with a walk through its many pontoons or with a glass of wine overlooking the sea. Magic, culture and tradition in just one single place.

Sant Rafel de Forca street market, craftsmanship and purity

Cerámica Sant RafelCerámica Sant Rafel

In addition to being an indisputable tourist attraction, markets such as Sant Rafel de Forca are a proof that in Ibiza artisan creations are still fashionable.

Terms colour, originality and craftsmanship perfectly define the ceramic tradition that comes to life on the island of Ibiza and constitute an institution in artisan markets such as Sant Rafel de Forca, the one nearest to the capital town.

Beyond the popular Las Dalias street market in Sant Carles, the white island is a place where traditional markets are dominant. Witnesses of the magic that most veteran artisans of the island are able to create with their hands, markets such as San Rafel de Forca serve as veritable temples of handicraft Ibiza ceramics.

The most beautiful pottery in Ibiza, the most colourful and also the most genuine, comes to life every Thursday in the Sant Rafel market, located a short distance away from Ibiza in a natural spot that brings us close to that marked hippie atmosphere which is characteristic of the island.

An essential visit and held every Thursday, the market is the perfect place for buying organic fruits and vegetables and seeing how the real artisans of the island work with their products. One of these experiences you cannot miss in a walk in the more traditional side of the largest of the Pitiüsas Islands.

Route points


Historical complex Dalt Vila (Eivissa, ibiza)

Dalt Vila is in the heart of town, housing the most representative buildings of political, religious and commercial power

The image of the walled old historical centre is the product of centuries, from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance to modern times. Dalt Vila is the high part of the old historical centre of Ibiza, located inside the 16th-century Renaissance city walls.