Let yourself be seduced by the Contemporary Art Route in Palma

A route through the museums, art galleries and facilities dedicated to contemporary art

Many artists have settled in Mallorca because of its culture, light or charm, like Joan Miró, who fell in love with the island and whose wonderful legacy can be visited at the Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró de Palma, or Miquel Barceló, the Mallorcan world-famous artist.

In Palma, there are numerous exhibition centers, museums and galleries dedicated exclusively to contemporary art. In these halls, you can get to know the works of young as well as established artists from first hand. Palma offers a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibitions, activities and annual events to enjoy this interesting route of contemporary art.

For a thousand reasons Mallorca has been witness to a melting pot of civilizations that has only served to enrich it with its cultural and artistic contributions. Many artists have been inspired by this island, and some have even made it their place of residence, in particular during the 19th and 20th centuries. Joan Miró was one of them and he created a fabulous learning setting for Mallorcan artists, who include, amongst others, Miquel Barceló. No wonder, then, that the whole island has a good number of museums and galleries dedicated exclusively to contemporary art.

Route points


Museum Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

Contemporary art at a bastion of the Renaissance

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani of Palma, located on the edge of the renaissance town wall of Palm, exhibits national and international artists since it opened in 2004.


Museum Fundació Juan March (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

A must-see for contemporary art in 20th century Spain

The Fundación Juan March Museum, set in a 17th century noble manor house, offers an important collection of 20th century Spanish art.


Foundation Miró Mallorca Fundació (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

Foundation on the work of Joan Miró

Created in 1981, the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró is dedicated to spreading knowledge of the work of artist Joan Miró as well as promoting contemporary art in general. It has significant holdings on the artist's work and also organises temporary exhibitions and other cultural activities.


Exhibition space Casal Solleric (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

A cultural centre located in an 18th-century baroque mansion

This is the town's main exhibition centre specialised in contemporary art. It is located in an 18th century baroque mansion featuring an interestingly decorated façade and a lovely courtyard with an imperial staircase.


Cathedral La Seu - Catedral de Mallorca (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

The jewel in the crown of Palma

Majorca Cathedral, built between the 14th and 16th centuries, is the jewel in the crown of Majorcan Gothic architecture. It is also home to important works of art from different periods (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and modern).


Library Fundación Bartolomé March (Palma de Mallorca, mallorca)

An outstanding library on the history of Majora

The Fundación Bartolomé March (1975) is located in an impressive regional style building from the mid-20th century. It houses an important library specialised in local subjects and a museum with pieces from different times and types. Especially noteworthy is the collection of contemporary sculpture and a Neapolitan crèche from the 1700s. The Foundation also have an exceptional collection of maps.