Immerse yourself in Menorca's history and visit the Route of the fortresses

An exciting route to get to know the island's situation in the 18th century

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca became an interesting spot for the Ottoman Empire, the pirates, the British and the Spaniards. All those who conquered the island had to fortify themselves to protect themselves from their enemies.

Learn the history of the conquests with the underground galleries, ditches, powder chambers, buildings carved in rock and cisterns - A walk through the history of Menorca and its most important fortresses.

Visit the emblematic Fort Marlborough in Sant Esteve Bay, San Felipe Castle at the entrance of the Port of Mahón, the never-finished Fort Santa Ana and the Isabel II de La Mola fortress, then one of Europe's largest forts.

Route points


Fortress Fort Marlborough (Es Castell, menorca)

A British fortress from the 18th century that has been converted into a historical interpretation centre

Thanks to its excellent state of preservation, Fort Malborough is the best example of the fortresses that the British built in Minorca throughout the 18th century. Nowadays it is an interpretation centre of military history in the port of Mahon and provides an insight into everyday life in the area.


Fortress La Mola (Maó, menorca)

An impressive fortress, guardian of the port of Mahon

La Mola fortress stands on a peninsula at the mouth of the port of Mahon. This is the main and most important work of military engineering in Minorca.


Castle Sant Felip (Es Castell, menorca)

One of the largest fortresses in the Mediterranean in the 18th century

Sant Felipe castle was built following the design of Italian engineer Juan Bautista Calvi in the mid-16th century. After the British conquest of the island, the castle was extended until it became an impressive fortress.