Church Sant Francesc Xavier

The house of God with doors of iron

First church of repopulated Formentera, fortified and austere, built between the 1720s and 1730s and located on the main square of Sant Francesc Xavier.

Fortified church built between 1726 and 1737, with a sacristy added onto it later on. Solid and austere in appearance, with unadorned whitewashed walls. 

The door, lined with iron sheet, is protected by a spy hole to shoot at assailants who were trying to break in. Inside, it has a single nave with a barrel vaulted ceiling and shallow side chapels so as not to take away from the thickness of the walls. Standing out is a baptismal font of uncertain origin. Most of the images are new as the older ones were lost in the Civil War.

Beside the church is a puteal from the cistern that collects rainwater that runs off the church. The small graveyard in the back has been restored and prepared for visitors.

Pl. de la Constitució, s/n
07860 Formentera



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