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The 'Flower Power' market, a must in summer summers

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When the sun goes down, more than 40 local artists show their clothing, jewelry and ceramics on the beach promenade inspired by the hippie spirit of the 70s.

Es Pujols in the north of Formentera is the most important tourist site of the island thanks to its combination of beach (one of the best known and most appreciated of the island), its hotels, shops, restaurants and recreational areas in the most beautiful surroundings.

One of its most important sights is its night market. From May to September, from sundown from around 8 pm until midnight, this hippy market is set up on the beach promenade and transforms this place into a place where you simply have to be.

The beach promenade of Es Pujols, a pedestrian area separating the beach from the village line of the resort, turns into a lively meeting place for the people and nationalities on summer evenings. After a day at the beach, the guests visit the promenade for a stroll to enjoy a good dinner and to look for the items they will take as souvenirs of their stay in Formentera.

The street is filled with small stands in the purest 'Flower Power' style. The tourists discover the creations of the local artists and talk with them. Handbags, T-shirts, jewelry ... everything is possible on this small and charming street market, in which everybody falls in love and which surprises everybody.

On its more than 40 stands you will find all kinds of objects that have been created by local artists, from clothes in the purest Ad Lib Stile to baskets, hats, sandals and ceramics to necklaces and earrings ... Infinitely many possibilities, always inspired by the philosophy of peace, freedom and harmony with nature and those hippies of the 70s characterized. Their spirit still lives on the island.

One proof of this is the Flower Power Festival, which is celebrated every year on the Es Pujols beach, on the sand and with the sea in the background.

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