Local product Peix Sec de Formentera

A unique handmade specialty with Mediterranean flavour

Peix Sec or dried fish from Formentera is one of the island´s typical delicacies. It is processed by hand, dried in the sun with the aid of the Mediterranean breeze. It is the main ingredient of the traditional payesa farmers´ salad.

The dried fish from Formentera comes from cartilaginous fish, such as rays, cat shark or ordinary shark. Still on high seas the fishermen slice the fish and prepare it for drying.

The pieces of fish are then placed in coarse salt for a few hours, and then, as tradition dictates, are hung on pine trees to dry in the sun with the help of the gentle Mediterranean breeze. When the fish is dried, the fishy slices are crumbled and stored in glasses with olive oil. Thus he lasts several months.

The peix sec is used in various dishes from Formentera as an ingredient, such as the ensalada payesa (farmers´ salad), in which it is the most important ingredient. It is also used for the preparation of cutlets and pizzas, or simply on roasted bread.

Sie werden diese unwiderstehliche Delikatesse mit dem Geschmack des Meeres in allen Restaurants der Insel, Bars, kleinen Lebensmittelgeschäften, Gourmetläden und Supermärkten das ganze Jahr über finden. 

You will find this delicacy with the taste of the sea in all restaurants, bars, small groceries, gourmet shops and supermarkets through the year.