Tower Punta Prima

One of Formentera's four defensive towers

In the mid 1700s, the Spanish Crown built four practically identical defence towers at Punta Prima, Punta Gavina, Cap de Barbaria and the Pi des Català.

This is a coastal defence tower built (1762) by the military engineer Juan Ballester de Zafra. 

Of the three types of towers built in those days, differentiated by their capacity, the one at Punta Prima is the largest. It rises on a round platform, has a conical trunk, two floors, a garret and adjacent parapet. The entrance is through the upper floor to make it harder for the enemy to take. 

On the outside, it features two ornamental convex mouldings that mark the middle of the tower and the start of the parapet.

Sant Ferran de les Roques, Punta Prima
07860 Formentera



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