Nature park Ses Salines de Ibiza y Formentera

An indispensable natural paradise

Thousand-year-old lagoons, biodiversity, beaches with crystal clear water and an extraordinary seabed together form the main sights of the Ses Salines de Ibiza and Formentera Natural Park.

The Ses Salines Nature Park, with its Land and Marine Reserves, is located between both Pitiusas Islands, Ibiza and Formentera, and extends from the south of Ibiza to the north of Formentera, including the seas separating both islands, with more than 2,752 hectares of land and 14,028 hectares of sea.

Accessible from both islands, the ancient salt mounds and beautiful beaches such as Ses Salines, Es Cavallet or Es Codolar lie on Ibiza. On the side of Formentera, jewels like the s'Estany Pudent, s'Estany of the Peix and Ses Salines lagoon and so spectacular beaches as those of Punta Prima or S'Espalmador.

The waters of this Nature Park are so clean and crystal clear that diving becomes a true privilege. This is due to the infinitely large Posidonia oceanica sea grass meadows which cover the seabed. This marine plant is of great ecological value and is the world heritage site of UNESCO. This plant, which grows only in our sea, cleans the water and adds in oxygen, and also contributes to the natural dynamics of the dunes.

Ses Salines also keeps a treasure for the birdwatchers, because in the lagoons 210 species of migratory birds, such as flamingos, black-necked storks or storks stop and breed…

The park can be crossed on one of the four routes, on foot or by bicycle. The crossroads offer incredible panoramic views. A visit to the Can Marroig or Sant Francesc de s'Estany interpretation centers is highly recommended, especially if you are traveling with children.