Church Santa Eulària, Puig de Missa

On the mountain, defensive and in a special location: that is Puig de Missa

This church was built in the 16th century and received later additions that created sculptural, labyrinthine volumes in combination with the white walls, on the hill, sheltered and with an extraordinary porch.

The Santa Eulália church or Puig de Missa church is at the crest of a hill 52 metres above sea level, in a small town and with magnificent view of the sea and the area. 

It is located in the so-called Quartó de Xarc, which already existed during Arab times. It is a fortified religious building from the 16th century that was consecrated in 1568, although there are records of a previous temple at the same point. It became a parish in 1785 on the orders of the first bishop of Ibiza.

Like many other examples of religious architecture, its current appearance is the result of different additions and refurbishments. The nave is believed to be the one from the original building, and other chapels, the ‘porxo’ (or porch) and other structures (such as the vicar’s house or ‘cas vicari’, the priest’s house or ‘cas capellà’ and the sacristy) were added in the late 17th century and early 18th century.

The inside is austere. The chapels are dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Saint Anthony the Abbot, physician Saints Cosmas and Damian, Saint Anthony of Padua, the Nursing Madonna and the Holy Trinity. The main altarpiece is Baroque (1674-78) by sculptor José Ferreres, and it was brought from San Millán (Segovia) during the 20th century through an initiative of the Marquis of Lozoya, who had a house in the puig. However, the central image representing Saint Eulalia is modern (1940), while the cloth of the attic is from the 18th century. The Stations of the Cross are represented in Valencian tiles along the nave. The most important image is the one of Christ tied to the column, from the 17th century.

The outside is peculiar: it is white and undecorated and still looks defensive or fortified. There is also a small garden. The access gate, which is off-centre from the church centreline, is large because it was used as the meeting point for the community that lived scattered in the fields. It has two rows of columns with arches, an access to the cemetery and a simple hollow.

It is catalogued as a Bien de Interés Cultural, together with its environment and the Puig de Missa hill.

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