Ethnographic element Torres de Balàfia

Fortified dwellings to protect the land.

A set of "casaments" (traditional Ibiza dwellings) and two defence towers located on a gentle hill in the interior of the island. It is listed as a Bien de Interés Cultural

Small interior cluster of dwellings or unknown origin, thought to have existed back in Moorish times. It is made up of a group of traditional houses arranged along a street nearly 100 meters long. These dwellings, known as "casaments", are good examples of folk architecture on Ibiza. 

They consist of whitewashed, cube-shaped volumes with small lintel-topped openings and flat roofs. Some have a clay oven attached to one wall. The purpose of the ensemble was to ward the territory from attack, so it also has two round towers made of stone, adorned with crosses painted with whitewash.

Balàfia is listed as a Bien de Interés Cultural. 

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