Local product El Bullit de peix

The most emblematic fish dish of Ibiza

The Bullit de peix or fish stew was one of the traditional dishes of the fishermen, and was characteristic of the seafarers' cuisine. It is prepared with fish from shallow waters and accompanied with potatoes and a banda rice. Today, this dish can be eaten in many restaurants with traditional Ibiza cuisine.

The origin of this sailor's dish was the unsalable fish of the day´s capture. It is usually prepared with the best ingredients of the sea and the fields of Ibiza: different kinds of fish, such as flounder, grouper, dragon head or monkfish; you can also add lobster or prawns, bay leaves, garlic, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes, saffron, olive oil and salt.

The traditional Bullit de Peix is prepared in the typical clay pot of the Balearic Islands, the greixonera. The garlic, the laurel and the green peppers are slightly fried in small pieces. The chopped tomatoes are added and boiled for five minutes with saffron. The potatoes must be covered with the water and boiled for five minutes. Then the salt of Formentera is added, and cooked for another fifteen minutes. The fish is served on a tray with the potatoes as a side dish.

This dish is usually served with an alioli sauce to enhance the taste. As the tradition prescribes, fish are the first to be eaten; then the potatoes and finally, the rice. In Ibiza, many restaurants of the coast offer this wonderful seafront dish.