Archaeological Site Ciutat romana de Pol·lèntia

Outstanding Roman archaeological site, one of the most important on Majorca

The Roman city of Pollentia (123 BCE) was granted Historic Site status in Spain (1946). Excavations have revealed a residential zone known as La Portella, the Forum and the Theatre. The Pollentia Monographic Museum houses the finds.

The Roman city of Pollentia was founded in the year 123 CE, and covered an area of roughly 39-44 acres. It currently features three excavated areas: a residential area known as La Portella, the Forum and the Theatre.

The area of La Portella is a residential zone with the remains of three Roman houses: Casa dels Dos Tresors, Casa del Cap de Bronce and Casa del Noroest.  The first conserves its complete floor plan and shows its Roman domus structure, with rooms arranged around an atrium (inner courtyard). The Cap de Bronze house, whose layout is incomplete, used to have a peristyle. There is also an area of workshops and a wall from the 3rd century that was built on the ruins of the Casa del Noroeste, which was unoccupied.

La Portella leads on to the Forum, which constituted the civic, religious and commercial centre of the city. Found here are the remains of the Capitolino Temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. To the east of the temple are two lesser shrines and an area of taverns that made up the commercial part of the Forum.

The theatre (1st century) still conserves part of the seats, the orchestra and the stage. Remains of a necropolis can also be seen on its structure.

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