Foundation Coll Bardolet

A tour through the works of Catalan artist Josep Coll Bardolet

This foundation manages part of the works and the collection of painter Josep Coll Bardolet, who lived for several decades in Valldemossa, while organising different cultural and educational activities.

The Fundació Cultural Coll Bardolet was created in 2005 on the express wishes of Catalan painter Josep Coll Bardolet (Campdevànol, Girona, 1912 – Valldemossa, 2007), who lived in this town from 1944 onwards. For this purpose, he donated part of his works and of this private collection.

Coll Bardolet was fascinated by the light, landscapes and popular dances of the island. His unique constributions include his way of capturing the dancers' movements, his glorification of colour and how he conveys the joie de vivre.

Among its goals include the preservation and spreading of his works, the dissemination of his private collection, the organisation of workshpss and educational acivities for children and the promotion of modern art. It also organises concerts and conferences. Its headquarters are in the historical centre of Valldemossa and has four rooms spread over two floors with a total exhibition area measuring 200m2. It also has equipment for audiovisual projections and adjustable spotlights.

Vía Blanquerna, 4
07170 Valldemossa


+34 971 61 29 83