Local product Palo de Mallorca

The star of Mallorcan aperitifs

This spirit, which is protected by a geographical designation of origin, is a dark brandy made with softening and / or infusion of cinchona gentian roots, with sugar, caramelized sugar and ethyl alcohol.

The origin of the Palo de Mallorca is related to the healing properties of the two most important ingredients: the gentian and the cinchona from South America. It contains various substances, such as quinine, which give the brandy its bitter and astringent properties, but also its healing effects.Already in the 16th and 17th century it was drunk as a medicine

From the middle of the 19th century, when other ingredients such as alcohol and fig sugar concentrates, wine grains or carob crumbs were added, which reduced and improved its bitter taste, Palo became the most popular aperitif at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, this brandy has refined and improved, and today is one of the traditional spirits of Mallorca.

The Palo de Mallorca has found new applications in cocktails and in the kitchen. So the Peplib cocktail combines the palo with orange juice and vanilla ice cream. Or the Calimandria, which adds some Bitter and ice. On the other hand, the Ramonet Drink mixes the palo with orange juice, soda and chopped ice. The palo is also used in the kitchen, especially with poultry such as the spiced duck or the smoked pigeon with vegetable vinaigrette and a gelatin made from this precious brandy.

If you're classic, there's nothing better than drinking it in the traditional way: mixed with a carbonated drink, such as selters, or with a few drops of lemon juice and gin. An aperitif you should taste before a good Mallorcan meal.