Museum Sa Bassa Blanca

A total experience of imagination, art, nature and culture for a different day in Mallorca

The Museum Sa Bassa Blanca offers an experience of total work of art in an open-air environment, imbedded between sea and mountain, integrating nature, architecture, land-art and a wide sculpture park. This journey back through time of different cultures, receives nowadays world-wide visitors, among them 5,000 children and teenagers.

The Museum presents a compendium of art in the world that reaches from old masterpieces representing children of the 16th to 19th century to contemporary art. Works by artists such as the mysterious Doménico Gnoli, installations of Rebeca Horn, the enigmatic Juke Blue from James Turrell or the Wishing Tree by Yoko Ono can be found. Moroccan art with works from Tahar Benjelloun or the dedicated artist Leila Allaoui, exhibited in the unique Ribat of Hassan Fathy, known as the architect of the poor, show the variety, the museum offers. The exhibition space Sokrates exhibits works by Miquel Barceló, José María Sicilia, Jannis Kounellis, Gerhard Merz and Dolores Vita, together with fascinating African and Asian objects.

Additional to the Museum one can enjoy a hortus conclusus, a medieval walled garden, with more than 100 varieties of old English roses and other magical spaces like our Observatorio where a Cámara Oscura created by the Israeli photographer Nilu Izadi coexists with the so called Aquarium created by Yannick and Ben Jakober. In this unforgettable visit, the collection of fantastic animals, the Sculpture Park created by the artists Yannick and Ben Jakober, should not be missed.

Open Monday to Saturday from 10 to 1 and 2.30 pm to 6 pm. The sculpture park, shop and cafeteria remain open during the entire day. The main Building, Hassan Fathy, can be visited with a guided tour  only. We offer the visits in English, Spanish, German and Catalán. For bigger groups we kindly ask you to reserve in advance. Tuesday free entrance: Access to the children´s portraits and the sculpture park.

Camí del Coll Baix s/n
07400 Alcúdia



+34 971 54 69 15