Nature park Es Trenc - Salobrar de Campos

A unique natural landscape on the banks of Es Trenc

In the south-east of Mallorca there is a postcard-like natural landscape, with diverse and rich landscapes. And in it, an ecosystem consisting of dunes, lagoons from which salt is extracted, and cultivated fields that lie in perfect harmony at the foot of one of the island´s paradisiacal beaches - Es Trenc.

Here, in the 4th century BC, Phoenicians and Romans found the ideal water to gain salt. And here, in today's Salobrar de Campos, the attraction of Mallorca's southeast began thanks to the world´s oldest spice; A story that is still being written in the second largest wetland of the Island.

Artificial salt ponds nourished by the crystalline waters of the nearby Es Trenc beach. The mild climate of the island, the gentle sea breeze and the low humidity of this peculiar ecosystem allow the water to evaporate naturally and spontaneously.

The Salobrar de Campos has been declared a protected Área Natural de Especial Interés (ANEI) thanks to its dynamic and perfectly preserved ecosystem. It is a paradise for birds that rest and nest here, like flamingos, sea eagles or reeds. In the same area is also a peculiar dune chain with plants adapted to the salt content of the soil.

A visit to the Salobrar de Campos certainly offers a worthwhile experience, which can end on hot days with a refreshing bath in the crystal clear water of Es Trenc beach. The Salinas de Es Trenc offer guided tours to get to know their history and the salt-mining process. 

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