Nature park Mondragó - Mallorca Nature Reserve

Everything you need to know about Mallorca's nature reserve

In this article we detail all the excursions and hiking routes that you can do at the Mondragó Natural Park. Keep reading!

Mondragó Natural Park is one of the most visited nature reserves in Mallorca. 

It is the perfect destination to lose yourself in a natural environment that combines a great variety of flora and fauna characteristic of the region with varied landscapes that alternate between the sea and the mountains. 

All this makes it a unique place of great ecological value that you cannot miss during your stay in Mallorca. Continue reading and discover everything you need to know about this nature reserve. 



The Mondragó Natural Park, with more than 700 hectares, is located to the south of the island of Mallorca.

It was declared a natural park in 1992. It is also a Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI in Spanish) and forms part of the Natura 2000 Network as a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) and Site of Community Importance (SCI).

This natural reserve is made up of a mosaic of different environments that give it a great diversity of landscapes: the forests of wild olive and pine trees, the orchids and holm oaks, the dry cultivated fields, the coastal savines, the freshwater pond of s'Amarador, the brackish water of Fonts de n'Alis and its spectacular clipped coastline. It is also home to one of Mallorca's most famous coves: Cala Mondragó.

Although we recommend that you also get to know its neighbour: S'Amarador beach. Although it is also part of the Natural Area of Special Interest, this cove is an almost unspoiled beach, with no constructions and less crowded than the previous one.

This National Park is a natural corner that offers the perfect scenery to contemplate the beauty of the ravines, the coastal cliffs, the beaches of fine sand and its crystalline waters, etc. Spaces inhabited by the species typical of the island of Mallorca.

 Vista aérea de la playa S’Amarador, Cala Mondragó


Mondragó Natural Park offers a diverse landscape and many trails that invite you to explore and appreciate its rich ecosystem. You can visit the park on foot or by bicycle. There are different itineraries, among which you can choose from four possible routes that will bring you closer to the most typical and characteristic elements of traditional Majorcan architecture.

Senderismo en Parque Natural de Mondragó

- ITINERARY OF THE VIEWPOINT OF SES FONTS DE N'ALIS. This route goes from the Ses Fonts de n'Alis car park to the beach of the same name and crosses the forest of wild olive and pine trees bordering the Park's saltwater pond. This route includes a visit to the Mirador de sa Font de n'Alis, from where you can see the union of two torrents and one of the last wetlands in this area of Mallorca. Although the most relevant part of this route is the abundant fauna and flora that you will find.

- ITINERARY OF THE TRIP BACK FROM SA GUÀRDIA D'EN GARROT. This is a circular route starting from Caló d'en Garrot, just to the left of the beach of Ses Fonts de n'Alis. The most outstanding features of this route are its viewpoints (you will find up to 3) and the small Caló des Borgit cove.

- ITINERARY OF THE TIP OF SES GAVOTES. This is another circular route that runs through the Mallorcan coastal forest. This route starts at the beach of S'Amarador and during the journey you will cross areas of forests, coasts and a viewpoints with unique views. This itinerary allows you to observe a lime kiln of epoch, the dry-stone walls and the views to the coast of Llevant.

- ITINERARY OF S'AMARADOR. The route goes through the surroundings of S'Amarador and its humid zone. The almost circular route begins at the Ca sa Muda car park on S'Amarador beach. This route stands out for its great biological diversity as it goes through one of the few lagoon areas that remain in this coastal area of Mallorca. In addition, it will allow you to discover the torrent of S'Amarador and its pond in first person.

All the hiking routes at the Mondragó Natural Park can be done in both summer and winter and are suitable for everyone. The average duration of the routes is between 15 and 45 minutes. For more information about the routes, visit the Natural Park website. 


Mondragó Natural Park is open all year round, however, the Park Information Centre is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00. The Centre, located next to the Ses Fonts de n'Alis car park, offers a guided tour service (see rates), hosts different exhibitions throughout the year and provides all the material and information necessary to enjoy and visit the nature reserve. 

The Natural Park has two paid car parks, both located in S'Amarador and ses Fonts de n'Alis. There are also several recreational areas with toilets, children's playgrounds and picnic areas. You will only have to pay for parking, as the visit to the Mondragó Natural Park is free of charge.

The Natural Park is in the municipality of Santanyí, follow these directions to get there.

Carretera de Cala Mondragó s/n
07691 Santanyí


+34 971 18 10 22