Sanctuary Mare de Déu de Sant Salvador - Mallorca

A 14th-century sanctuary with breathtaking views of the island

Find all the necessary information to plan your visit to the Mare de Déu Sanctuary of Sant Salvador in Mallorca. Everything you need to know here!

The Sanctuary of San Salvador dates back to the year 1348. It currently consists of a church (18th century), and small chapel (1910) and a monument to Christ the King (1934).

The Sanctuary of San Salvador is built on top of the mountain with the same name, at a height of 500 meters. Although its origins date back to 1348, the church standing today was built in the 18th century. Placed at the altar was a statue of the Virgin Mary venerated at the sanctuary since the 1400s.

The small shrine along the road before reaching the sanctuary was built in 1910 to mark the spot where, as legend has it, a shepherd discovered the statue of the Virgin. Later on, the monument to Christ the King was inaugurated (1934) and the Picot cross was put up (1957).

The solemn yearly festivals at the sanctuary are held on the closest Sunday to September 8, which is the anniversary of the coronation of the Virgin, and the first Sunday after Easter.

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