Theater Pollentia

Extraordinary Roman theatre, the only one on Majorca

The Roman Theatre (1st century) is located on the outskirts of the Roman city of Pollentia. Still conserved are its seats, orchestra and stage. It is listed as a Bien de Interés Cultural.

It is the only Roman theatre conserved on Majorca. Located on the outskirts of the Roman city of Pollentia, the theatre provided a centre for leisure for the populace from the 1st century CE on. Semi-circular in layout and roofless, it conserves much of the seating area, the orchestra and the stage. The Forum is accessible from inside.

The seating was partially dug into the rock, and could seat 1500-2000 spectators. At a lower level was the orchestra, where the city's main authorities sat with the chorus. The stage is rectangular, and is raised above the orchestra for better visibility for the spectators.