Venue Banys àrabs

11th century baths in the centre of Palma

The Arab baths in Palma are one of the few examples of Arab architecture on the island. The 11th century complex includes a hot bath room with a dome and skylights.

The Arab baths, one of the few examples of Moorish architecture on the island, are in the Can Fontirroig gardens. These baths, which are partially preserved nowadays, were built in the 11th century, possibly as part of the palace of some Muslim nobility.

The part that still exists is the square-shaped central room, which is covered by a semispherical brick dome with skylights and supported on 12 columns with horseshoe arches. The capitals mix a great deal of styles probably because materials from other existing buildings were used. This room was used for the hot baths, so it had a double floor with openings for the circulation of hot water and steam. An adjoining rectangular room with a barrel vault is also preserved.

The timetable for visits is from 9 h to 17.30 h. A ticket is required for the visit.

Carrer de Can Serra, 7-9, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears, España
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