Winery Jaume de Puntiró

DO Origen Binissalem

Jaume de Puntiró Vineyards and Wines is a family-run, artisanal winery in which they combine a deep respect for the agricultural traditions learned from their forebears, which have always been completely in harmony with the environment, with the latest technological advances. The winemaking tradition originated with the Vich family from Ca Sa Consellera, smallholders who cultivated vines and produced wine in banded wineskins, and the Calafats, who made wine on the Puntiró estate, which they managed. 

Their vineyards are organically cultivated (registered with and guaranteed by the Balearic Council for Organic Farm Production). The loving care and devotion given to the plants results in a profuse amount of grapes that are transformed into an excellent, high quality wine. Jaume de Puntiró is a certified artisanal firm and a chartered artisanal master vintner. 

The vineyards are in Santa Maria del Camí on red call soil with abundant surface stones, factors which, added to the protection and microclimate afforded by the Tramuntana Mountains, allow for an excellent ripening of the grapes. They use the Manto Negro, Callet and Moll native grapes and the foreign Cabernet Sauvignon, Sirà, Merlot and Muscatel varieties. The vineyards are Sa Vinya Vella, Can Serví, Can Quart, Can Xenoi, Ca Sa Pesa, Can Pau, Ses Rotes and Cas Misser Fiol.
Plaça Nova, 23
07320 Santa Maria del Camí



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