Events Fiestas de Sant Lluís

Discover the festivals in a village influenced by the French occupation

The French occupation lasted only eight years, but the influence of King Louis IX in Mallorca is still clearly visible. The French king gave this little place its name, and to his honor this feast is celebrated in the last week of August.

You can be sure that the French who occupied this area were also charmed by so much beauty. This small community in the south-west of Menorca, with its royal name, has such diverse and beautiful landscapes. Cliffs and beautiful bays of fine sand, small whitewashed houses, shelters on the coast, rural farmhouses with hundreds of years of history, windmills, remains of talayotic settlements ... there is little that San Luis could not have!

If you are in Menorca during the last weekend in August, this charming place will give you another experience. Discover the festive tradition, do not miss San Luis!

You can enjoy the traditional Colcada dels caixers (horse breed), which attracts San Luis riders from all over the island. Closed like a battalion, the caixers begin their parade through the village to the sounds of the Fabioler, an enigmatic rider who leads the march with his flabiol (pipe) and drum. Then the jaleo begins; a play full of skill of horses and riders, who ride around the audience. The show will impress you!

During the festival, horses and riders will accompany the wagons, the fireworks, the dance of the giants ... As you can see, all that is necessary for you to immerse yourself in a true Minorcan experience. And do not forget: some of the most beautiful bays of Menorca are nearby and offer you peace and relaxation after so much hustle and bustle. Binissafúller, Biniancolla and Binibeca are ideal for this purpose. Are you looking for something better to round off your holiday?

Sant Lluís
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