Gastronomic market Claustre del Carme

A market that is a hub for culture and music in Mahon

This building was completed in the 18th century and is connected to the church of the same name. It lost its religious purpose during the Confiscations and nowadays its walls and courtyard are used for all types of cultural manifestations and for a market.

The Carmen cloister (18th century) is annexed to the north façade of the church of the same name. It is a square three-storey building that is built in limestone. After the Confiscations (1835) it was used as a prison, court building and market.

It was refurbished during the 1990 and its lower floor is currently still used as a market, where traditional products from the island (cheese and crafts) are available. The top floor is used for cultural events. The central part of the courtyard, which is out in the open, is home to a wide variety of concerts by national and international artists.

Pl. Claustre del Carme, s/n
07701 Maó


+34 971 36 98 00