Gastronomic market Mercat de Peix de Maó

Much more than just fresh fish

Discover the Mercat de Peix de Maó, a unique gourmet and cultural space in Menorca. Continue reading and plan your visit!

The fish market of Mahón (Mercat de Peix or Sa Peixateria) has not only the richest range of fresh fish and seafood in Menorca. In the market there are also numerous stalls to enjoy tapas and pinchos (small treats) and wine or to buy the products of the island, like the excellent cheese or beer 'made in Menorca'. It has also become a meeting point where gastronomic events, concerts, etc. are held.

The history of this emblematic fish market begins between 1926 and 1927, when the building was built by the local architect Francesc Femenies. It is rectangular, with arcades and inside a hexagonal building.

In the past, the fish was sold in the port. In 1922 it was decided to concentrate the sale of meat and vegetables in the Carmen Monastery, and to the fish inside the patio. But the project failed, and so it was decided to build a separate building for the sale of fish. Since that time the place has been the most important selling point for fish in the city.

After visiting this peculiar fish market, you may want to take a stroll through the nearby harbor. Or - as you are already in the historical center - you can visit the emblematic buildings of the city such as the Carmen Church or the monastery, the Teatro Principal, the Town Hall or the Santa María church from the 18th century.
Pza. del Carme, 5
07701 Maó