Local product Carquinyols de Menorca

Sweet pastry prepared with almonds

The Minorcan carquinyols are biscuits with the crunchy texture of the almonds. It is one of the most widespread baked goods of the Mediterranean cuisine in the shape of small biscuits, which cannot be missed on any celebration in the villages.

The carquinyols or carquinyolis are small, dry almond pastries with the texture of a biscuit. The name comes from the Catalan craquinyar, crackling.

It is a typical for the Mediterranean, and has a different name in every area. Carquinyols, along with hazelnuts, confites and peladillas (sugar-laden almonds) were the gifts of the young men to the girls during the celebrations in the 19th century.

You will find this pastry in bread shops, on the markets and in the shops for typical products. But the best place to buy and enjoy is Es Mercadal. The locals travel to this village to buy the pastry in the local bakeries.

These Minorcan delicacies are ideal for coffee, tea or a sweet herbal liqueur. There are different varieties, such as the carquinyols of vanilla, cinnamon, orange or chocolate.

They are prepared with wheat flour, sugar, whole almonds and eggs, but you can also add lemon peel and cinnamon to get the true Mediterranean flavor.