Local product Figat de Menorca

The typical jam of the island

Figat is a homemade jam of medieval origin. It is made towards the end of the summer with the last figs of the season. It is ideal for breakfast or as an accompaniment to Mahón-Menorca cheese.

Figat is a very typical fig jam of medieval origin. It is made by hand by boiling the figs on a small flame for hours until a homogeneous mass is produced. The jam is usually made at the end of the summer season with the last figs. The best place to taste this jam is Ciutadella.

Another variant called arrope is a denser figat, to which you add other fruit, such as melon, or vegetables like red cabbage or pumpkin.

The recipe is simple, and the secret of this delicacy are the local ingredients: figs, sugar, and orange peel and, if desired, some fruit or vegetables. All the ingredients are cut into pieces and cooked until the jam takes a dark color. The mass must be stirred continuously for two hours. After cooking the jam is filled into glasses and can be eaten at any time.

The true Mediterranean taste!