Museum Militar de Menorca

The military history of the island, from prehistory to the present day

The Military Museum of Minorca has interesting collections of weapons, objects, scale models and maps that show the military history of the island from prehistoric times to the present.

The Military Museum of Minorca is housed in the old barracks of engineers of el Castell, the Quarter of Cala Corb, a building built by the British in 1771. On display in its many rooms is the military history of the island of Minorca through a magnificent collection of old cannons, another of scale models of Minorcan forts and ships of the time, and objects from armies who served on the island. 

Also worth visiting are the rooms of the 18th century, the room on the fortress of Mola, with a good collection of original drawings and blueprints, and the rooms displaying engineering tools. With its more than 1200 m2 of exhibit area, the ensemble gives an idea of just how important Minorca has been militarily over the centuries. The museum is laid out on two floors, has a library, archives and conference room. It also houses restoration workshops and military archives not open to the public.

Plaça de l'Explanada, 19
07720 Es Castell



+34 971 36 21 00