Talaiot Torre Trencada

The only taula that is still standing in the city of Ciutadella

The talayotic village of Torre Trencada conserves the only complete taula in the city limits. A walk around the village will show the archaeological remains and richness of its ethnological heritage.

The Torre Trencada archaeological site lies within the city limits of Ciutadella. The village conserves a large talayot and different burial vaults and natural caves used as tombs during the prehistoric period. Worth noting is a hypostyle room apparently designed to collect run-off rainwater, turning it into a kind of reservoir. Nevertheless, what the village is known for is a magnificent taula as a central element of the sanctuary, whose remains can still be seen inlaid in a modern wall. The capital of the taula is held up on a pilaster that also has a capital, and leans up against it on the back, which gives it stability. 

In addition, on top of the whole assembly is a necropolis of anthropomorphic tombs dug into the rock and dating back to the High Middle Ages. Not far from the tombs, an ingenious system for collecting rainwater runoff was built in modern times, dug into the rock, which channels the rainwater to two underground reservoir chambers, also carved from the rock. The two of them are probably ancient prehistoric burial vaults.

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