Discovering the white island - 3 days in Ibiza

3-day trip in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most frequent islands by tourists from all over the world. If you want to visit Ibiza in 3 days, follow our travel plans.

Day 1: From Ibiza to Santa Eulària del Riu, a walk through the essence of the island

Old town of Dalt Vila

As a local would do, the route will begin in the Plaza de la Vila with a breakfast of organic coffee and freshly made orelletes (Ibiza’s number one sweet).

With a stomach full of local flavour, it's time to explore the streets of the city, the walls of Dalt Vila and its main sites of interest.

 If you like art, don't miss the Puget Museum, located in Sant Ciriac Street, where you'll see the most authentic, white and traditional side of Ibiza.

We recommend that you take a stroll along the coast of Ibiza, where you will be able to see how AdLib fashion (the traditional white fashion of the island) is made, and take home the most authentic souvenir. 

Santa Eulària del Riu

Once you have completed the first leg of the route, you will set your course for your next destination on this first day of your trip in Ibiza: Santa Eulària del Riu.

Santa Eulària, located about 7 kilometres from the capital, is another of the most visited cities on the island as it offers a wide variety of tourist attractions. 

As you know, Ibiza has a pleasant climate all year round, so we recommend that you visit Cala Boix, one of Ibiza's most famous black sand coves located a few minutes from Santa Eulària del Riu. 

If you are interested in snorkelling and diving, Santa Eulària is one of the best dive sites in Ibiza. Although you will find beaches for all tastes with our search engine.

If you're more into walking about and shopping, there are several hippy markets where you can buy local products and crafts. Take the opportunity to enjoy the views of the Mediterranean and walk along the Santa Eulária promenade, you will be surprised by the number of bars and restaurants along this area. You can find them all here

To end the day, we suggest you visit Mount Es Puig de Missa. It has the most beautiful views of the island and is home to one of Ibiza's most important monuments: the church of Santa Eulària

If your travel itinerary coincides with the Holy Week, don't miss the procession here. They make a striking representation of this religious event.

Day 2: Santa Gertrudis and Sant Carles: the white town route

Visiting the white towns is a must during any stay on the island. Part of the essence of Ibiza is its traditional rural constructions, a type of building that dates to the Muslim era of the archipelago. Although these country houses (common also in other destinations such as Greece or Tunisia) are spread over many parts of Ibiza, it is in the interior of the island, in the towns of Santa Gertrudis and Sant Carles, where there is greater concentration.

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

Located about nine kilometres from the capital and about eight from the centre of Santa Eulària del Riu, this is one of the most beautiful white villages in Ibiza: Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera. This town made up of the grouping of numerous white houses is pure Ibizan essence and natural rural tradition. Don't miss its church.

In its streets, in addition to enjoying its white beauty, its tranquillity, its corners and its popular craft shops and art centres (such as the popular Libro Azul), you will be able to taste the most authentic gastronomic side of the island in places such as the famous Bar Costa. A bar located in the town's main square that became famous in the past for being the meeting point for the island's hippy artists who paid in paintings.

Then you can continue your route through another of Ibiza's most authentic inland towns: Sant Carles de Peralta.

Sant Carles de Peralta

Sant Carles de Peralta, located about 18 kilometres from the capital, is a traditional and very quiet destination. Lose yourself in its narrow streets and experience the island like a real local among its country houses and natural environment.

Hippie Market of Las Dalias

One of the main attractions of Sant Carles de Peralta is the famous hippie market of Las Dalias, a must-see and the best way to get to know Ibiza's boho chic side.

Located less than half a kilometre from the centre of its rural nucleus, this market is known throughout the world for the quality of everything sold by the artisans. It extends from one end to the other and includes everything from dresses to jewellery, as well as decorative items, shoes, local products and so on. It is a very recommended experience to include in your travel route. 

Day 3: Visit the town of Santa Agnés

Santa Agnès, 17 kilometres from the capital, is a key point on this three-day trip. Surrounded by towering hills, a unique natural environment and a magical rural essence, with rows and rows of traditional white country houses. 

The other great attraction of the town is the so-called Puertas del cielo, an area of high and steep cliffs with spectacular views of the islets of Ses Mergalides. Local tip: during the months of June and September the best sunsets in Ibiza are seen from here.

If, on the other hand, you go between January and February, Santa Agnès will give you spectacular panoramic views of almond blossoms, which colour the Pla de Corona valley in pale pink and white.

Finally, you can't leave without a bite to eat at the popular restaurant Can Cosmi, a gastronomic centre that is known for making really good potato omelettes.

Ibiza is an island that has a lot to offer at any time of the year, in fact it offers exclusive plans according to the season, for example in winter

If you only have one weekend to visit Ibiza, in this article you have a tailor-made guide on what to see and what to do in Ibiza in two days

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