Banyalbufar (Mallorca)

The beautiful village of Banyalbufar appears to slide down the slopes of the Serra de Tramuntana into the Mediterranean. Its cultivated terraces overlooking the sea are a unique spectacle in Mallorca. It is with good reason that this small village attracts numerous visitors every year, seduced by its stunning natural landscape and the charm of its historic centre and its natural waterfall. Don't forget to visit the Tower of Ses Ànimes, built in the 16th century to protect the population from looting.

Banyalbufar is situated close to other charming villages in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. That is why it is ideal to include it along a route through the mountain villages of Mallorca, to enjoy the most authentic and traditional part of the island.

This area was famous centuries ago for growing a type of grape that was highly prized in the wine industry, called Malvasía. Nowadays, this variety has been recovered and there are several wineries in the area that offer tours and tastings to visitors.

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