Montuïri (Mallorca)

Montuïri is a charming agricultural village guarded by mills, testimonials to its past as a cereal and flour producer. The beauty of its surroundings, with the typical colours of dry farming and a combination of heritage and tradition, make it one of the essential visits for those who want to get to know the most authentic and traditional part of Mallorca. Currently, most of Montuïri's agricultural production centres around cereals and vineyards.

Montuïri has known how to care for and conserve the legacy of the civilisations that have inhabited it throughout history. In fact, one of its main attractions is the archaeological site of Son Fornés, which dates back to the 9th century BC, a Talayotic settlement that preserves the largest talayot, megalith, in Mallorca. Access is through the museum of Son Fornés, which is inside a windmill, the Molí des Floret.

A highly recommended experience is to taste the traditional dishes of Mallorcan cuisine and the wines of the land in a traditional celler, restaurant, the beauty and uniqueness of which will turn this gastronomic experience into a tasteful journey through the most deeply-rooted traditions of rural Mallorca.

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