Es Mercadal (Menorca)

The charming little white village of Es Mercadal is located in the heart of the island, sheltered by El Toro, which, at 358 metres high, is the highest mountain on the island, offering a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view.

To stroll around its quiet streets is to reconnect with the peace and serenity of the villages of yesteryear. A peace that, in summer, is disturbed by its night market, unique on the island, where you can buy fresh products, both local and from the surrounding area, such as cold meats, cheeses, wines and liquors, as well as handicrafts, clothes and beautiful souvenirs. The village has retained one old windmill, which is now a restaurant.

In the municipality of Es Mercadal is the traditional coastal town of Fornells, famous for its picturesque, sheltered marina and fishing port and for the beauty of its low, whitewashed houses with green shutters. Strolling along the promenade of Fornells is a pleasure for lovers of the Mediterranean lifestyle, and it is the best place on the island to try the famous caldereta de langosta, a lobster stew cooked in a clay pot, one of the star dishes of Menorcan gastronomy.

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