Experience the festival of the Patron Saint of Pollença!

Enjoy one of Mallorca’s most exciting celebrations

On 2 August, Pollença celebrates the day of its patroness, Our Lady of the Angels. Get yourself along because the locals – pollensins – take to the streets to re-enact the epic battle between Moors and Christians, a show that you will find enthralling.

On 2 August the pollensins dress in white and in colours to receive their patroness and defend their town from attack by enemy pirates; undoubtedly one of the most exciting and eagerly awaited events of the Mallorcan summer.

The festival in honour of the patron saint starts at 5 in the morning when, after the street party, the band strikes up the Alborada, first performed in 1882. A solemn Mass is also held in the morning together with the traditional dance of the Cossiers, a dance that was revived in 1981, 71 years after it had disappeared.

But undoubtedly the most important and exciting event of the festival of the patroness is the re-enactment of the Battle of Moors and Christians, commemorating the victory of the pollensins (Christians) over the Saracen corsairs (Moors) on the night of 30 to 31 May 1550.

Celebrated since 1860, the representation of the battle begins in Plaza de la Almoina, with the meeting between the leaders of the two sides, the pollensí Joan Mas and the pirate Dragut.

At seven in the evening and after Joan Mas offers a prayer to Our Lady of the Angels, a pulsating clash begins between the two groups of fighters who truly bring the battle to life. Christians dressed in white and Moors in colours battle for control of the town. Gradually, the corsairs retreat down the main street (Calle Mayor).

In front of the church of Saint George (at the end of the main street) another key battle takes place to commemorate the liberation of the captives taken by the corsairs in their advance towards the village. The re-enactment comes to an end after three confrontations, when Christians seize the pirate flag and then proceed to the parish church to chant a Te Deum in thanksgiving for the victory.

The smoke from the cannons, the clash of swords and rising passions will sweep you along in this epic battle.

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