Festivals of the Blessed Catalina Tomàs

One of the most popular festivals of all Majorca

The festivals in honour of the patron saint of Valldemossa, St. Catalina Tomás (Valldemossa, 1531 - Palma, 1574) are held on July 28 and are one of the most important and popular celebrations on the island.

The patron saint festivals of Valldemossa, or Fiestas of the Blessed, are held in remembrance of Saint Catalina Tomás, born in this town. The most important day is July 28, the feast of patron, when they hold the Procession of the relic and the Parade with the carriage of triumph, headed by the "beateta", "s'Hereva" and the other ladies of honour, accompanied by the authorities and many other people in traditional Ibiza attire. These festivities enjoy enormous popularity.